About Us
We developed our product line using only the finest quality CBD isolate to maximize results.

CANNIXX is a cutting-edge company committed to delivering the highest quality HEMP/CBD Isolate products. Founded by people rooted in wellness, we achieve results through rigorous standards with a refusal to compromise.

During our initial market research, it was clear that there were a lot of sub-par CBD products on the market. Due to a lack of oversight, the hemp space is full of both synthetic cannabinoids and poor quality CBD concentrates, often contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals. You deserve better. We believe that natural, 100% organic, American-grown HEMP has the power to help promote wellness and bring balance back to people’s lives.

We created our line of products using CBD isolate, meaning no fillers or byproducts. This allows us to deliver more powerful and effective results to make a positive, lasting and life-changing impact for our consumers. We settle for nothing less than the highest quality ingredients.

Our standards are incredibly high, not just in our CBD products, but in all levels of our company. Every person on our team, from the C-level to the scientists to the isolate extraction professionals, plays an integral role.

“Full Chain of Custody” separates us from other companies, as we have our sights on every process from seed to sale. From the farm to the extraction lab, the packaging line to the delivery drivers, all the way up the supply chain, CANNIXX is committed to quality.